Activities for children

If you are visiting the Domaine de Courson with children, there are several activities that have been specially designed for younger visitors, guaranteed to keep everybody happy !


The Hippolyte Trail

This fun, informative trail tells the story of the young Hippolyte, who in 1830 set sail with Victor, the commander of a frigate. Their mission was to bring a selection of seeds of rare species of trees, as well as the mysterious Tree of Wonders, to Jean-Thomas Arrighi de Casanova, the duc de Padoue, and owner of the Château de Courson, to plant in the grounds of the Estate.

At twenty points throughout the trail, discover colourfully-illustrated and informative signs (in the style of cartoons), suitable for children aged 7 to 12 years, telling the story of Hippolyte's journey. The signs also have information for adults, while younger children can enjoy learning about some of the most beautiful trees on the Estate.

The trail, which lasts approximately 2 hours is suitable for families, but also for school groups and activity centres keen to introduce children to the wonders of nature, as well as the importance of biodiversity.

A play area with swings and slides can be enjoyed by children at the end of the trail. There are also picnic tables on-site.


Visit the Château

Children will enjoy learning about the history of the Château, covering the Napoleonic era, as well as lots of interesting facts about the life, arts and crafts of the time.


Visit the Water Tower

This very unusual building dating from the 17th century was used to carry water to the upper levels of the Château, at a time when it was commonplace to get water at a well. A permanent exhibition of photographs showing the fauna of the Estate can be seen in the "Salle du Manège" on the ground floor of the building.